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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with a sound mind aged 21 years and above.
It can be free if you select the DIY mode. With our professional advice, we charge S$250 per Will document.

You are welcome to choose one of the following two options:

Simply register and attend our in-house “Will or LPA Seminar” (conducted every 1st Saturday or 2nd sat of the month from 2pm to 3.30pm). You would have then gathered some basic knowledge of writing a Will. After the seminar, you will receive a PRO-BONO VOUCHER for a 1-to-1 meet-up worth S$450 and you can utilize it to offset the consultation fees.

A professional and experienced Will Practitioner will be assigned to you to take care of your individualized Personal Will / LPA Planning session. After meeting up with the Practitioner, you can decide if you would like to proceed to sign the Will document with us @ S$250 nett or S$80 for LPA Form 1 signing. Should you decide to DIY your Will document after the consultation, no charges will be imposed to you.

Should you prefer not to attend the Will / LPA Seminar as your schedule does not permit, with no prior Will-related knowledge, a 1-to-1 consultation can be arranged with the consultation fees of S$450 nett inclusive of the cost of a Will document or LPA document.

When you pass on without a Will, your assets could spell endless heartaches to your family members when they are most vulnerable. Your loved ones could be entangled in a long and tedious legal process with other family members. The law will decide your beneficiaries, trustees and guardians – and the person may not be your choice.

Everyone knows what a Will is – and most people agree that they need one but sadly not everyone knows the importance of a Will until it is too late. Many assume, quite wrongly, that all their property will automatically be passed on to their loved ones.

If you don’t make a Will, upon your passing, you will be deemed as someone who “died intestate”. Your assets will be distributed according to the Singapore Intestate Succession Act. To be deemed as someone to have “died intestate”, can be as painful as it sounds for your loved ones who may already be suffering from financial hardship and emotional stress when you are no longer around, yet they will still need to stay rationale whilst your affairs are being slowly sorted out.

When you have a Will in place, the legal process in dealing with your affairs will be simpler and less expensive, therefore it would lead to a much less painful ordeal at a time when your loved ones will need all the help that they can get.

Reserve a seat for yourself at our monthly Will Planning Seminar that is organized on the first Saturday of every month from 2pm to 3.30pm. Get in touch with Ms. Monica on her Direct Line: +65 9742 0806 or email her at monica@premierwills.com.sg to book your seat!

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