“I hardly ever give testimonies but when the service is clearly above and beyond I feel compelled to do so. This is the case of PremierWills. I have found Shin and her team ultra professional, dedicated and with so much human touch. I felt at ease the first time I met them and we built the relationship from there. My only regret is that I did not knock at her door earlier.”
Visal Leng, President, GE (A Baker & Hughes Company)
“When I started with this exemplary team for a simple Will planning years back, they compiled my files and the One-File System totally had me convinced. I was trying to do one for a long time and couldn’t achieve it. After having PremierWills help to do one, I feel confident of my financial provisions as my records are well documented and updated. Since then, I have introduced PremierWill’s to my loved ones, siblings and close friends who unanimously agreed on the great support they get from the team!”
Lucy Quek, Senior Manager, SMRT
I like your meticulous advice for my family business matters and personal Will planning. You have always been very caring and helpful to me. Thank You for your concern!
Winston Lim, Director, Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries
“What a blessing to have come across PremierWills! Your Will Seminars conducted in both English and Mandarin are always full of inspiration and entertaining. Awesome! We are very inspired by the professional services rendered by your very well-organized team; a team full of talent, dedication and passion. Your super One-File and Will Custodian Systems have really made things much easier for us. You are so amazing! We would without doubt recommend PremierWills to anyone who needs such guidance and advice.”
Renee Chua, Business Manager, Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries
“I am so glad that I selected PremierWills in 2014 to give Will planning and related topics (eg. LPA, AMD, etc) presentations to my colleagues. I particularly would like to commend them for their enlightening and excellent presentations. We were simply ‘wooed’ by the speaker! I am indeed lucky to be associated with PremierWills and hope they will continue to ‘improve’ my life and others!”
Michelle Tan, Secretary, 3HP Architects Pte Ltd
“Speaker is indeed very professional. The same service culture resonates among the Company’s staff. I’m very happy & satisfied with PremierWills’ service. Thank God that I am blessed with this trustworthy and reliable company. Most importantly, I’ve peace of mind knowing that my money is well taken care of, something I did not experience from banks even as a priority banking customer for many years.”
Caroline Loh, Senior Advisor, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
“It’s been our privilege to have met and work with PremierWills. The Practitioner has been very professional and yet understanding and patient in helping us with our Wills as well as our policies. Having a trustworthy partner in such matters is of utmost importance and we are fortunate to have known Them. Our family members and friends are also engaging PremierWills. That speaks a lot!”
Edmond & Corina, Director
“Dear PremierWills, Thank you for taking care of my financial health & well-being through these years. You have held my hand through my Will and LPA planning; as well as bravely wading through my financial portfolio and summarizing them into a One-File system. You have crystallized my retirement years into a clear income stream and I truly appreciate the clarity. More importantly I treasure the degree of honesty and professionalism which the team delivers. Thank you for taking care of me and my family!”
Caroline Sim, Head of Fx Sales, INTL FCSTONE Pte Ltd (Asia Pacific)
“Dear PremierWills, I am not very diligent in keeping track of my investment records. Luckily I attended LPA and Will Planning seminars. PremierWills kind of ‘forced’ me to dig out all of my records and helped me organized all the information into a 1-file system in preparation for my LPA and Will. It provided me with a clear picture of what I have. The consultant working with me on my LPA and Will also gave me sound assessment and solutions on how to increase my pot of gold so I can plan for my early retirement. Thanks PremierWills for all of the help!!”
K.P.W., Principal Engineer, DSTA
“PremierWills is a professional will planner. We were introduced to a Will Practitioner who is a sincere, thoughtful and caring professional who truly listens to her clients’ needs and shares with us her knowledge of the industry. We have greater peace of mind, knowing our one-files are completed with them and our Wills are managed professionally and with care. Thanks PremierWills!”
Siah Gim Lee & Family, Director, GL Power Pte Ltd
“I am very lucky to know PremierWills from a talk organised by my company. With PremierWills, I wrote my will, my LPA and last of all, did my retirement planning. Everything done! I salute the professionalism of PremierWills’ Will Practitioners. I like it!”
Eileen Lim, Technical Officer, Singapore Power
“We have known PremierWills for some years already. It started from an awareness talk on Will Planning. It was really an eye opener as Will planning was never something we put much thought on. Our relationship with PremierWills has always been very positive. Special commendation to the team as they truly value and care for their clients; really understanding each individual’s needs and providing very practical advice according to our individual means! Overall, excellent service and support. A very trusted partner that we are very comfortable to journey with – where service comes from the heart!”
Simon & Sharon
“Dear PremierWills,
Learning and appreciating the intricacies of a will is so critical for a family with young children like ours.
Thank you for your partnership and now we can be assured that our children will be well taken care of in our absence.”
Edwin, Learning Consultant, 5hue Pte Ltd
“Dear PremierWills, I am impressed with your systematic and practical “One-File System” that allows me to have easy access to my important documents at any time. More importantly, I have a ‘totality’ view of my personal profile under your guidance on mapping my detailed analysis of my current needs and objectives. Thank you so much for your professionalism.”
Angie, Senior Consultant
“Deep appreciation and many thanks for organizing get-together sessions; we enjoyed the good food and good times. You showed us a wonderful team who have great care for clients and the society. Great team!”
Fong, ST Electronic Ltd
“Dear PremierWills,
We are so honoured to have this opportunity to be a part of the PremierWills family!
My family and I are not only happy that we found you, we are glad for choosing you as our partner.

After attending the Will Planning seminar; we are glad that we completed our Will, our one-file system and even the Lasting Power of Attorney with you guys.

Once again, Thank you for your professionalism!

Your Fan”

Pecky's Family
“PremierWills’ Practitioner is always reachable and responsive; but never pushy. The advise to us had been relevant and realistic, which we appreciate.”
Garry Lim & Len Siew Lian
“I attended a Will Planning seminar conducted by PremierWills 6 years ago. I still remember that it was a very insightful and informative seminar and I have gained alot of knowledge on Will and Estate planning that is extremely useful for my personal Will planning as well as my scope of work. PremierWills’ Practitioner has guided me patiently along the way over the years and has offered me great and sound advise not only in terms of Will Planning but also in my personal insurance and investment needs. They are never pushy and has been very responsive even when it is just an enquiry. They give me a sense of confidence and I have no regrets so far. I will strongly recommend PremierWills to anyone who needs sound and sincere advise on Will Planning matters, investment or insurance.”
Clarissa Bay, Manager, Maybank (Singapore)
PremierWills provides very personalized service, understands each and everyone’s needs and gives very good advice to us. The team is always around when we need help. All the best to PremierWills!
Kenny Wong, Commerical Director, Sun Ace Kakoh Pte Ltd
PremierWills gives professional advice on writing my Will. I am very satisfied with what they had done for me on my Will which covers a wide range of my concerns. Now I can rest peacefully!
Koh B. L.
The Lasting Power of Attornery talk given was engaging and informative. The Practitioners of PremierWills are helpful and efficient. It was a pleasant experience with them!
Elysia, Student, Nanyang Technological University
My experience with PremierWills was a great one! I received good advice. Great team and great job.

Kim Hwa, Auditor, HP
We truly appreciate the professionalism of PremierWills. Its “one-file system” helps us to consolidate relevant documents for easy access. The service provided by PremierWills have met our needs and objectives. I will strongly recommend PremierWills to anyone who wishes to do their Wills and LPA with no reservations.
Luar Siok Im
Very enriching and fruitful to learn from the seminar! I wish we can have more regular sessions for guidance and advice & also develop personal bonding and friendship throughout the time we spend together.
Keng Khiam
My good experience was the step-by-step guidance in drafting up a Will that suits one’s needs and the estate planning that goes together with it. The personal touches and the patience in answering queries are commendable too.
Esther, Education Officer, MOE
Excellent experience with PremierWills! One thing I like about PremierWills is the Practitioner has done an excellent job in giving me practical and sincere advice on my Will with side-by-side guidance. Extra mile to help us on our requests that need guidance. Big thank you to Premier Wills – Cheers! Thanks for conducting Will seminars that helps us to “really” open our eyes about writing a Will that we never know of.
Julia Koh, Admin, Swee Choon
PremierWills conducts useful sessions to share on the importance of having a written will and the duties of an Executor and Guardian. The Practitioner and the lawyer introduced to us are very patient and helpful.
I enjoyed the presentation and fully benefited from the sharing. It was a good insight of how I plan my will without complications through good advise. Lastly, I would like to thank the Practitioner for giving me this opportunity to expand my understanding on writing a Will. I had a good and clear understanding of my personal portfolio including my investments and dissemination of assets.
Richard Tiong, Civil Servant, MINDEF
PremierWills provides professional services and advice to clients to achieve their personal goals in life planning and asset planning.
Sophie Yu, Process and Governance Manager, TECH NP FMC
PremierWills provides personalized services. This allows us to have the time to think through. It is a good experience!
Hwee Tin, Manager, PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd
PremierWills is well organized and provides up-to-date information of market trends and Will planning. The presentation provided is very informative. It creates an avenue of the importance of Will planning.
John Lim, Engineering Managing Director, Chartered Asia Enterprise Pte Ltd
PremierWills has a team of professional Will practitioners that helps clients to understand more on their Wills/LPA and gives solutions on settling their legal documents.
Jasmine Tan, GM, Trans Cab Services Pte Ltd
Very good customer service and Practitioner regularly updates us with the latest products and requirements. PremierWills (PW) treats us like part of the family and the trust we have together is everlasting. Our family’s financial health is assured with PW’s advice.
Karina & Tanubrata Family, Manager, NP
Speaker was very good in making the information relevant and easy to understand. The talk was also engaging which stimulated our interest. PremierWills events have so far given me lots of inspiration and good knowledge on estate planning and the importance of insurance. Thank you.
Seng Chin, Finance Executive, Consort Bunkers Pte Ltd
Very food information for future planning. I like the way you organise your events; smooth and welcoming. You have a great team of very warm and helpful staff. Good management! Thanks again.
Sean Lim, Sales, Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries
The speaker gives a very interesting insight to estate wealth management. It really sets me thinking about what I have to do. Thank you for the invite!
Jinny, Manager, Taksago Int’l Singapore Pte Ltd
Speaker presented well! Easy to understand and I benefitted lots from the talk. It was informative.
Mrs Lim
Professional, comprehensive, organized, and thoughtful!
Paul Lim, Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank
Great event and talk. Enjoyed especially the part on Wealth Technologies and equitable distribution. Very friendly, helpful and experienced team!
Julie Yeo, Banker, UBS AG
Being single with no kids, legacy is not my main concern, but the talk is informative because I have a father whom I can share this info with.
Florence Y. Suryawan
Very enlightening talk with the use of layman terms and sense of humour. Feel the need to prepare for ourselves and family for the future. Heartfelt appreciation to be invited to this event! Thank you!
Have a very caring and experienced Practitioner who has taken care of most of my Will planning/LPA needs. Also, the Practitioner always keeps me updated of any new events and programs which may benefit me in one way or other.
Chan Yin Tai, Homemaker
We are very impressed with the services provided by PremierWills. Speaker from PremierWills came to my company and gave us a very informative talk about the importance of having a Will; we realized how much more we needed to do to ensure things are properly taken care of for our loved ones. It is a delightful experience to work with PremierWills’ Practitioner; their expert advice and balanced recommendations focused on what we really need to give us a peace of mind. My husband and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for being so patient and providing such clear explanations on financial matters. Kudos to PremierWills!
Lee Min, BASF
Their customer service and client appreciation events are impeccable.
My practitioner at PremierWills … her value-added service and knowledge/experience, not to mention her friendly disposition makes it a joy to have her as my consultant!! Their yearly luncheons add to my positive feedback.
Maureen Lye, Homemaker
Very personalized service experience we have with the Practitioner. It is a pleasure to deal with PremierWills!
Shy Ming, Executive, Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
Personalised and prompt response to my queries! PremierWills gives informative sessions about will making and about my financial needs.
Lynette Soh, Senior Teacher, MOE
“What can I say?” Great and excellent! From day one you know you are getting a great and personalized service and attention. Really appreciate the time, effort, personal integrity and professionalism. We have not wasted our time in getting good advice on our needs. Thank you!
Anthony Wong, Manager, Concrete Innovations Co. Pte Ltd
Holistic service which offers informative, insightful and helpful advice. Thumbs up for the service and experience.
Kenneth Tan, Manager, LEA
Good knowledge and good sharing!
Cheng Hui Meng, Teacher, MOE
Very informative!
Cheng Tai Wei, DPS Engineer, Thomson Reuters
The staff was very approachable where it was easy for us to ask them questions and felt comfortable enough to do so. They also helped us to organize our financial documents where the system makes it easy to find the relevant documents for myself and my family who will need it whenever it is needed. I now have a clear understanding of what the procedure is like and can therefore make better decisions for myself and my family.
Janice Eng, Finance Executive, Schawk Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
I came to know PremierWills through the seminar on LPA and Wills. I took up the service and got to know their excellent staff. They are patient and kind. I particularly appreciate the one-file service. This, I must give credit to the Practitioner. She did a wonderful job. Subsequently, I have recommended my friends to contact PremierWills though I have not checked with them if they have signed up (because I felt this was private and confidential).
Doris Tan, Freelance Tutor
I was told of the seminar for LPA by a friend who was going to attend and was invited to join/attend it. It was a very informative and lively seminar. The one-file service was very good. The staff was very patient with me and had spent a lot of her time and effort to do it for me. PremierWills is also very understanding and patient when I did my LPA and Will. Thanks for the service!
Lily Cheah, Senior Pharmacy Technician
Mostly positive and believe that they have my best interest in their answers to my queries and concerns!
Victor Lye, Director, Micool Engineering Pte Ltd
My practitioner is a very detailed person and understands my needs well. She tailors her “proposals” to suit and meet my requirements. Thanks, appreciate the great service!
Ngui Shiyan
Lu-Lu, Assistant Manager, CGH
PremierWills impresses me with their very extra touch that sets them apart from other financial management organization. Well done and keep it up!
Robin Liew Kien Meng, Manager, Sumitomo Corporation
Very good. PremierWills is a very customer-centric company and does things to benefit and delight us. We appreciate the personal touch and the fact that our Practitioner understands very well our situation and how best to manage our finances.
Matt Howe, VP HRIS, SGX
My Practitioner has been most helpful to assist me to finalize my own Will and LPA within 2 months. Most satisfied with PremierWills’ service!
Lim Li Choon, Admin Executive
Very good advice and professional. Greater peace of mind after my Will was in place. My Will Planner is especially helpful and friendly in delivering her role.
Priscilla Yee, Retiree
My Practitioner has the personal touch. She is friendly and genuine. PremierWills has a team of professional staff which we believe can serve and help its clients efficiently.
Josephine Koh Joo Kim
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