The Birth of PremierWills

CEO Shin was determined to setup a Will Writing company back in 2008. The catalyst was the tragic and cruel farewell by her late father due to a ruptured blood vessel at a pre-matured age of 57. It took a lengthy 5 years for her to settle the legal and financial matters after the loss of her beloved father. Amidst the emotional stress of losing her loved one, Shin had to battle with the remaining liabilities.

The ultimate regret was: How could she not share the importance of writing a Will with her own father?

This negligence caused the family to suffer eventually. Yes, it was a big regret!

Her recent publication, “4 Doors after Death”, has many more real-life episodes to her tragic life story. Instead of living in guilt, Shin has decided to continue to share and reach out to more lives.

Reach Life. Touch Lives.

Welcome To PremierWills

PremierWills is a Will / LPA writing company. We also provide professional Will / LPA Lifetime Custody Services at a reasonable price. We have 3 in-house panel lawyers working hand-in-hand to ensure every legal document is well prepared and drafted by experienced Lawyers; not by ordinary Will writers. PremierWills formed with the vision to create a one-stop platform for all our clients whereby our Practitioners are fully equipped and well-trained. Our Practitioners have been awarded by the society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioner in the United Kingdom (UK) to be Associate Estate Planning Practitioners (AEPP). AEPP designation is jointly awarded by the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioner (SWWEPP), United Kingdom, in collaboration with Estate Planning Practitioner Limited (EPPL), the accreditation body for Asia.

Our common goal is to ensure that we adopt client-centric attitudes as reflected in our logo. The umbrella signifies our aspiration to connect with each individual to provide this one-stop service platform in the most convenient and comfortable setting for every treasured client.

In its essence, we do not just plan but plan it right for each client according to their individual needs.

We, at PremierWills, aspire to educate as many as possible about certain areas of specialization, namely, Will Planning, the role of an Executor, the impact of having your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) done amidst other legal issues; with hopes that along the journey, we touch more lives, thereby forging meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Our 10 Will Practitioners (as a team with total strength of 125 years of practical experience in the Will Planning industry) proudly position ourselves to take on such an important role to assist any client to pass on their wealth smoothly to the next generation according to their wishes. For those who are single, to plan and provide for yourself during your most vulnerable time in life is the utmost important decision to carry out via the LPA document.

Your Will Planning Partner Since 1997: Our Practitioners have been offering corporate and public Legal Educational Seminars since 1997 and PremierWills was set up since 2009 to officially introduce our one-stop platform. In order to enhance the company’s strength, the Management team decided to expand its operations from PremierWills Pte Ltd to PremierWills Custody Services Pte Ltd. After the renaming process, PremierWills was given more flexibility to easily work with more professional parties (e.g. Doctors, Specialists, Financial Vendors, Banks, Trust Sectors, etc) to provide more value-added services to our existing clients.

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